[Owl City - Vanilla Twilight]

Samstag, 10. April 2010

vanilla twilight.
"i'll watch the night turn light blue,
but it's not the same without you
because it takes two to whisper quietly.
the silence isn't so bad
till i look at my hands and feel sad
'cause the spaces between my fingers
are right where yours fit perfectly.

i'd whisper in your ear:
'oh darling, i wish you were here' "

[Owl City - Vanilla Twilight]

you know what it's like to miss a person you love
and i'm sure you're missing someone very special right now.
did your best friend you've known forever just move to a new city, far away?
did you and your girlfriend just break up?
are you in a long distance relationship and you won't be able to see your boyfriend for the next three weeks?
is it your father you haven't heard from since you were four?
maybe it's your grandma who passed away many years ago but you constantly miss her.
there are many different reasons why you might miss this special person.
it's bittersweet,
a nostalgic feeling.
missing someone makes you sad
and often it hurts.
but sometimes it reminds you of the great time you had together
and the fun things you did.
and don't forget that you might not be the only one who's missing someone.
maybe this someone misses you as much as you miss them.
so don't forget to let them know that they're missed
and -even more important- loved.


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